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burn on that, sky!

i have been sick with fat ideas. man, let me tell you about the evil rainbow? but i can't. button that down in this gosh-awful cardigan of mine. i want to tell all, spill the beans. because the beans are just the pills filled with the bad oil. the bad oil, black bile, cold ice of hate & malice. now i want to swallow vitamin hate, capsule after capsule. also anyhow, i can't talk to you people, since you've killed all the kings worth being had & haven't nearly formed enough churches for the killers. fucking turns my stomach is what it does. if i wasn't already obsessed with seeing an end to your petty world(s) i'd convert right on over to the bad guy's side. by the way, i think i mentioned how only on this team will you get an answer to any of the important questions, right? then again, maybe sapience isn't held in the correct respect. i know everyone gets all crazy about the hive. when in fact it has been here for 1.5 million years & hello, you are having me inside you right now.

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