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you think malaria makes me delirious?

hey i invented this thing where i'll just keep drinking wine & i've set jenny's ipod to play just the mountain goats, since otherwise it was playing like prodigy & stuff. she's lying on the couch behind me playing with my hair while i fuck off reading stupid nonsense about whatever, the future, & then running my fingers for no good reason. none! weird how today i was talking about my jadis, my once upon a time. remember how for years & years i'd just throw up ever morning or so? just couldn't handle going from dream to world? all broken glass & shaggy dog. there is a point at which the weapon dulls. i'm sharp inside. try me out for size, america! i'm not pitchforks, i'm swords. i'll not swindle you with the infernal when i can befuddle you with the angelic. oh us with our halos of words you've never seen. anyhow, i'm a little lost in the sycamore trees most of the time anyhow, or caught with crooked stars. anyhow jenny keeps laughing at what she's reading (about soviet poets?) & just like she mostly ignore me when i talk at her about speculative fiction, i'm mostly humouring her. as i guess at the same time i am confused that she isn't laughing along with the puppet strings. me, i'm all caught up in them. i'm pulling on the puppeteer's hands, at this point. invoke me & be demolished.

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