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oh! in the hospital. that is where i learned to read. i read green eggs & ham & i was wearing little kid's hospital gown stuff with little spacemen & flying saucers on them. i think i was in because maybe one of my testicles didn't drop right? tentacles. or i could totally be inventing that to sew the events of the past together. one time i got stitches under my chin for jumping off a crib in the house because i was a boy from krypton. well, we all know that story, & it worked out in the end, after all. kneel! oh, so anyhow, assuming i get my situation in check early enough tomorrow, i'm going to pop on down to jay street, down to the courts, & finalize my name change paperwork. i'm going to get rid of some baggage & take a modified version of jenny's last name, which she'll also adopt. we'll be our own little clan. mostly i want to have the same name as our offspring, trusting i can reverse the momentum the made me not give a fuck about my biologicals. anyhow, i'm sort of rambling on since there isn't anything to watch on on the television & i don't really feel like reading yet. since i'm kind of into a cup of wine or five. wait, so i was going to say something about the vice of sloth, & i was looking up its latin name (acedia) & accidentally stumbled upon this picture of a sloth:

which okay. i'm not the kind of creature to comment or be particularly interested in. (oh crap, are mos def & talib kweli just singing about their dnd game or am i making that up?) anyhow, this slot is fucking awesome, & i want to imagine it is a megatherium all giant & friendly. wait man, am i freaking out about sloths? okay now maybe it is time to tuck the internet away for a little while. anyhow i still like tori amos a lot but my place in heaven is worth giving up those kisses. but maybe you were confused about my place in heaven. it is often the case. here is my crown, here is my book, here is my sword. & you brought ice cream & a collection of wet napkins? this is the weirdest. hey, did everybody go through a weird trip-hop phase? i did one time!

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