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the picture & the word were fighting for the crown.

i usually read pages & pages of comics each week. sometimes i think about how to record them, how much review of them to give. how to be more participatory in that kind of thing, since i've become scrupulous at keeping track of the books i read. maybe i'll try just keeping track of what i've read that week, without review or anything. lets try that, this week! heck, i can even give them letter grades! word of warning though, i might come back & edit in a couple more if i get a chance to read them. also, i'll try to keep the grade inflation somewhat in check; there are plenty of rubbish comics that just get an f right out of the gate. special thanks to fordmadoxfraud & kromelizard for being generous lenders.

all-star superman #10 a+
legion of superheroes #40 c+
teen titans go! #53 b-
daredevil #106 c-
usagi yojimbo #110 a
teen titans #57 b
blue beetle #25 a-
green lantern #29 c
ultimate human #2 b+
ultimate human #3 c
ultimate spider-man #120 b-
new avengers #39 b+
mighty avengers #11 b+
power pack day one #1 b
justice league unlimited #42 a
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