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strange birds by gene wolfe & lisa snellings-clark.

so of course by now everyone knows that i've pretty much conceded the title of greatest living author to gene wolfe. seriously, i read an article today comparing the appearances of cave bear like images in his works to sabertooth tiger images in his work. he's the actual goddamn batman. snellings-clark i also got to on my own-- i've been following her blog for a bit on account of how i like creepy poppets. so anyhow, i've sort of always been frustrated & crazed by mister wolfe's insistence on producing limited run "chap books." hey! how dare you have the audacity to support small presses & art! so when this book slid across my place i decided to jump on it. i really liked it! i mean, i am not a short story guy. right? i like borges & happily hang the "st." placard around his neck. but besides then, i'm just a novelish sort of guy. given the prolific collections of mister wolfe, i have made allowances. but this format, well. it fit in very well between the "fuck all this crap on television" & "oh no, i'm drunk" moments of the evening. also, i enjoyed the literal take on the poppets, rather than going a more fanciful route. i already knew i was going to like this, after all.
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