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the overman bears a peacock's wing.

we all know that sephiroth is the one-winged angel in final fantasy seven. but i have to admit to being surprised to find out that cloud has been portrayed with one bat wing in kingdom hearts, looking all vincent valentiney. weird, & also, doubly weird, because it plays in to some thoughts i've been having on a supernatural aristocracy, spurred on (as they have been) by the way they've sort of been developed between me, mike, & james (& now tom, & formerly scott) in oisos. also i'm waiting for this giant fax to send, & it is being a gigantic pain in my neck. like a vampire. which apparently cloud maybe it. also, i never played that kingdom hearts game, but i kind of like to squint my eyes really hard & pretend it is the bone game. hey, wait, that is a great idea! how about making a new bone saga, jeff smith, but setting this one in space? i'd get on-board for that.
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