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i've really been enjoying playing technology crisis lately; it has an old school sensability & playability without sacraficing any innovations or being a nostalgic mess. i basically also like playing games that are so fucking hard that you have to rewire your nervous system to beat them; what game since the nintendo has been any hard at all? all games just assume you will demolish them without too much effort. i guess that is the demise of the arcade, maybe? anyhow, i'm almost finished with tech crisis; i'm at the assault on the artificial intellegence & as soon as i figure out how to beat the last mini-boss i'll be ready for the final fight. then it will be on to technology crisis ii which i don't know anything about except i guess the mechs get cyborged up or something?

this morning a women was waiting outside the store, & after a bit she came in & said "i'm supposed to meet someone here, but they aren't here. could i leave a note?" & since i don't mind, i said sure. so she wrote the note, & addressed it to naomi or whatever, & i was like "what is your name?" & she was like "oh, regina" or whatever & then went on to say "naomi is..." & i interrupted her & said "oh, sure, yeah, i know naomi." which totally dumbfounded her. i mean, i don't know naomi, but this lady thought maybe i was psychic. she sort of freaked out in her facial features for a second. so that was kind of funny.

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