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“So it occurred to me that I could in fact theoretically make phone posts while not being hammered. Which is an exciting experiment. Right now I'm coming from picking up dinner. One of the restaurants that I pick up food from, rather frequently is called Pizza Plus. They've got excellent pizza and excellent plus. I eat there and drink a lot. So, I just went there and picked up some sandwiches, and when I go there I turn into like a super weird like Brooklyn Jewish cariccature, that's, it's kind of hilarious. I should be so lucky, I actually said that. So I should be so lucky today. I don't know, it is just funny? I don't know, it entertains me and that's really what this is all about. I picked up a book about outer space. I'm gonna talk about that probably a little bit later, and I got some reading done on my Sarah Bloffer Hardy book. The woman who never evolved and she's, she's my feminist super hero, I really like her and I'm happy to be reading another book by her cos it was outta print for a little while. Either that or I just never really thought to get it after maybe trying a coupe of times. I'm not sure, but I've got it now and maybe I'll finish John Kocker too. But, I'll probably watch a lotta TV because there's Britney Spears on Hinium which is about that. And then I think it's like a love story ground, I don't know. Anyhow, Jenny's gonna be home and I'm gonna cuddle up into her and we'll see how it happens. Right, free round, foot loose, fancy free.”

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