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jack killed my friend the giant.

absent all weekend. no girl friday! & on friday, she fell asleep & left me with nothing to do but shuffle my bones around. saturday something similar-- sure i got things done & then folded up my origami jenny into my lap, but then she fell asleep again! another night for switchblade mordicai. like a naked hermit crab scuttling for a shell. swap! sunday we split up early. my game was off, & she was off too, gallavanting with kira, so i met up with danielle for a controversial lunch. & no, for the record, i didn't "ruin my appetite." for carla's ishtar dinner, & rock band, which we were both present for. not wanting to pickle my head with cocktails & stay up all night, i (somewhat inebriatedly) took my leave. home again home again, but not home at all! gingerbread be damned! jenny stayed behind & never came home. hip hip! hooray. i hate you fucking clowns. so far my day has been up & down. mostly i think my cranking has been the cause of the downs. well, & homeless people dumping cat food outside of my store. you fucking animals. oh, & jenny has my book in her purse, dangnabit.

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