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i took a picture of my haggard ass falling asleep on the train. & okay what a fucking over-statement! but i didn't want to stay out super-late, & i didn't want to get super hammered, & i knew the only way i was going to stay out super-late was if i let myself get super drunk, & if i stayed too late i'd get super drunk was a maze of if/than statements. ? hello world! anyhow, i ended up bailing super early from carla's; i even left jenny there! but i am pretty tolerable (in in, by my ranking: on easy, you won't get kicked off) on the drums, singing, & guitar. not shabby! today was pretty full. i went to indian with danielle, too. slipping back into that friendship. i totally flaked on her & the party last night. also, today, we fifty percent of our gaming group was out (one fourth of it was emergency room worthy) so it all got cancelled. anyhow, what can i tell you about myself. i set a best-case scenario goal of one in the morning ano meridian or whatever? what is with all this ano meridian ano dominio jesus is alive & so is the sun stuff, anyhow? i should learn the french revolutionary calendar & put my money where my mouth is, all admiring of it i am. so i'm can i totally shop talk? i mean, i totally left without any hope or expectation that she'd come with. & gave her any & every indication that her staying was not just condoned but expected. anyhow though sad mordicai! so full of absent jenny! sleepy at best, she's been! again, not complaining, & not even heart-broken. just saying, i want a full cup of jenny! she's the taste!
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