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at long last!

maia by richard adams.

i feel as though this took me forever to read, even if the getting there was pleasant enough. it was put to me to read by one of my players who's character was loosely inspired by the book, & liking watership down as much as i do, i jumped into it. i had to tape the covers on though; out of print! what is up with out of print books? but pop was kind enough to give me a copy, so it worked out in the end. what can i say about it! it is largely a character study of the eponymous character. it is set in a fantasy setting, with bits of conlang (especially slang) throughout. i do quite like that the setting isn't europeanesque at all; that makes me happy. i did quite like it, but my overwhelming impression is of it's length. of course, it is probably really more of a trilogy or whatever; there are something more than 100 chapters i think? a mass market weighing in at 1300 pages is a bit of a clunker. still, i'm not complaining so much as griping-- i did enjoy it. what next? probably a book about mars, or about mercury.
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