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so far, sort of productive this morning. so i guess that is nice! slowly i am developing habits of productivity. or maybe i should say...highly effective habits. wait, i shouldn't say that. but i did, too late, no backsies! whatever, anyhow, i'm a snowglobe awhirl. fucking hell yeah! i don't know, i'm just sort of puttering around now. dip in, like a kingfisher snatching a golden carp (carl). put that on your flag! oh yeah, right, i am still a shutterbug, a spider in a matchbox, bounded in a nutshell & count myself king of infinite space. that is why i have this snarled bundle (bungle) of nervous energy. & why i can't type for garbage. i keep mis-stroking! ha ha "stroke." yeah, nice, real nice. i'm going to gnaw off one of my libs & escape this bear trap. or read a book (boot). or read a book then gnaw (knaw) off my leg, i could do that. i'm a free spirit! gimmie all your karma! this is a stick-up!

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