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speaking of "all is vanity," i've started selling my nanowrimo novel at work, & we've sold four copies so far, some even to strangers (<- not true). so that is pretty funny. i am totally sincere in saying that i will rewrite the ending & edit it; now all i need to do is translate that sincerity into action. the samurai way. but still, having "store friends" like the neighborhood cop & regulars pick it up is fun. what do i know from fun? i've basically had four hours of interaction today. david came in a little after three & so there is some chit-chat potential. then at home jenny was awake for nearly an hour. four hours! i'm kind of a. what is the word for it. abandonment, wait, attention whore. attention whore. talking to customers doesn't count. they think (true story) knowing the first letter of their professors name is enough info. seriously, "z. it is an english class?" then they hang around for twenty minutes staring at you for having the audacity to make them feel stupid. there were a couple of personable people in the store today. a lady who cared about editing. people with kids who bought good comics. always nice to sell good comics. i do have to slip free of that mousetrap though. come on, dice, i keep throwing you! & tomorrow is another day. listen, let's not get hung up on the rocks in the river styx! we're trying to have a nice time here. a "party." a solo party. on the plus side, jenny is totally sleeping in the bed about three feet away, & i can see her arm where she has it thrown over her eyes. she is breathing, which is comforting! i am not good at that. breathing. but i have other positive traits! i do! my guidance councilor said i was handsome! oh who am i kidding. we can only move the puzzle pieces along so much on the jig saw.

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