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i have a computer & i'm not afraid to use it!

okay! i read the recent confessions of a full-time wizard article by mazzanoble, & it is something i'm going to miss when dnd falls back on an internet model that didn't work five years ago & starts charging for access to their website. you know the only other people who charge for access to their website? "the seduction community." anyhow! i was reading it & it made me think of how much i hate this "online" element to 4th edition that they are teasing us with. okay, some of my guys (bernie & kingtycoon mostly) are excited about it. in a perfect world, sure, maybe adjudicating things on your computer might be easier than with a pencil & scrap paper. for bernie, for sure, since he's the spreadsheet ninja. he'll min-max a character because it seems silly for him not to, all everything in their cute little boxes. & kingtycoon has a point what with being able to show your handouts to everyone or whatever. whatever. & yeah, it would be fun to play with people, your ace people, even if they live far away. but they are dreaming. in the weird fantasy world where playing world of warcraft counts as gaming, or as socializing. yes, i'm a snob! but okay, back to shelly's article: she gives the "character portrait" thing a go. & sure, i can see it being fun. i like making mii's for the wii. i like making characters for rock band or whatever. but you know what? & here is the real nitty-gritty. for the game i'm going to run, i need something different. most of my npc picture i get from ripping pages out of fashion magazines or old art textbooks. i don't need an elf with flowing blonde hair in leather armor. i need a gentleman in a powdered wig & dressed in tlahuiztli. i don't want mountains for a background, i want a bustling clock-punk metropolis.

i don't want to play with you proprietary universe, i want to play in mine. & you know, i don't want to get too bent out of shape. third edition invented the open source game, invented d20, the srd, ogl, all the different tools to let you do what you wanted, with the blessing of the wizards of the coast. but if they are going to start locking down their content (like, & i know, i know, one note song, but denying paizo a license & publishing their material online in a pay-for-membership format) i worry about future permutations of open content. will the rules be open content? i think so. we'll see. will the worlds be open content? well, the core stuff maybe, unless we're talking mindflayers & beholders, which is fine. i'm not disputing keeping that stuff close to the chest. i just have concerns that it will be as integrated with the software as some people are claiming. i don't really thing it will be, but if it does? i can only imagine that the software will be part of the proprietary information of the game. heck, maybe not. maybe they'll surprise me & make it all free. but see, again, we're back to charging for website access-- it doesn't vibe "net savvy," does it? so what. what then. i guess we find out in may.

hey, remember that army of darkness ps2 game? fun!
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