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so jenny fell asleep at eight o' clock & operation: hey mordicai don't talk to anyone! is BACK ON TRACK. i watched some television for a while but drinking wine & fucking off on the internet beats stupid old passive media. here is the story of this glass of wine. jenny put a bottle of wine in the freezer overnight on tuesday so it EXPLODED & then on wednesday we had slush wine with our regular wine. except i forgot to move one of the bottles of white from the freezer to the fridge & it EXPLODED & then i did move it, & it defrosted, & now i am drinking it. there are little flecks of white in it, which is either lead paint or maybe toxic freon or something. i might get refrigerator powers & then what would gail simone have to say about THAT? anyhow, hey, i don't have a lot to talk about as to my behavior tonight. like: i deposited a check! WHAT! i know, right? & i picked up thai food! WOAH! it is like watching universal soldier, it will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering "what next?" & also i am wearing a necklace of ears. so anyhow now my job is to sort of putter around the apartment as a familiar influence for jenny while she sleeps on the couch. that is to say, without making too much noise. i am the avatar of safety! i carry around a dagger in the waistband of my pajamas. one of the...what do you call those guys. russian barbarian guys. cossacks. one of their knives. hole on, if i can find jenny's camera i'll take a picture. anyhow, my guy tom gave the knife to me. where the hell is the fucking camera! i found it's slipcase. naked camera, skinny dipping. where are you! fucking what is this, wild things, with the boobies, & the naked camera? there, it took me like fifteen minutes to find, & then i forgot that i have no idea how to take photographs. can you somehow use mirrors? i feel like you can. i tried that. let me see, but i bet these are all rubbish. poor dorky mordicai!

using the flash is hard & doesn't really make sense to me. what is the flash?

i look like i'm fucking blanka from street fighter all hunched over.
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