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slaphappy cabinfever!

here is something, some fun facts: i am baffled by the idea of coffee. totally twists arounds my brains, makes me assume strange things, question reasonable notions. like: i don't think mice can eat coffee. mice or bugs. it seems to me like they can't. & i don't think coffee has any nutrients in it, any calories or anything. seems like it can't! also, dumping coffee grounds down the toilet seems like the best idea in the world. coffee can only be good for the water table. plus, i think it secretly cleans the toilet bowl. see, not about caffine, or the drug effects of coffee. about the substance, the beans & the grounds. it seems like they are a special kind of dirt, not so much a kind of food. okay? okay, now i have to go outside & chase around pigeons with a broom, like a lunatic.

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