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the only astronaut minding his battlestation.

i suppose i could talk about little details i've been cooking up. like: about malake, the city they are in. they military is what i think of as "post-aztec," with the concept of nobility having been usurped by economics & pushed to the fringes (only in client suburbs does a land-owning nobility exist, & without land-owning, nobility is not recognized in malake). that leaves the soldiering to the elites, warrior societies in the style of the jaguar & eagle warriors: so the skulls wear giant animal skulls instead of helms, & the rhinos wear rhinoceros hide armor & so forth. the elites are private military corporations, yeah? with an emphasis on capturing enemies, to later be ransomed or sold as slaves. in case of actual, open warfare, the population of malake is subject to a muster by lottery. the police are the wardens, who are technically hired by the doge of the city, though the doge hires them out of state funds. the sharif or sheriff of each "theme" (the basic unit of city organization) distributes the funds to the wardens under him, equiping them with quilted coats & hammers. so there is that.
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