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reap & sow, john barleycorn!

one of the things that is weird about running a game is constraining myself from talking about it. not just about the game, or about what sort of things i have planned for the next session, but about the world over-all. questions of setting. i have all kinds of details & broad strokes constantly competing in the back of my mind, & sometimes the settle, like sand through a sieve, leaving artifacts & hints behinds. other times they stir up into a duststorm, driving the premise before them like an oakie. running a horror & suspense game, i have to keep my cards close to my chest. really, i don't think you have a choice; wonder & awe are easily compromised by familiarity. take cthulhu; the unimaginable horror has been turned into a mascot & a stuffed animal. partly that was why i wanted cloverfield to turn out to be him; it would have done wonders for renovating his image.

i am trying to play things a little bit differently this game. last game was themed with paranoia & conspiracy; i want to not over-use such tropes in this game. it is hard though, since players assume anyone who is active or has an agenda is automatically a villain. anyhow, i want to explore some of the nooks & corners of urth in this game; i have plans for that. last game was very metropolitan, very much internal, & i want this game to be a little more outwardly directed. so i'm not keeping it secret that the synod's affiliation with the goblin hegemony runs deep & has pseudo-religious undertones thanks to the necromanteon traditions of the church of lux invictus. other things, such as the inter-relations of the xoanon & the eidolon, i am keeping wrapped up in brown-paper bags, but i intend to explore them in the story if such things are allowed. i'm interested in my game, is my point, i guess.
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