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alright, i've taken care of a nice, fat glut of a busy morning, bought back more than a thousand dollars in used books, & just put a kettle on to boil. i'm expecting a slow day, since brooklyn college is closed for spring break, but i'm also expecting a lonesome day, since i know peter is taking the day off & maybe everyone else? i'm the sheriff around these parts! huh: sheriff is a shortening of "shire reeve." i sort of expected it to have a more interesting origin. shame on you, boring old english word! i wanted you to be related to "sharif".

last night jenny was out cruising with carla, cruising the strip, hanging out in cop bars, biker bars, gay bars. bars! she's the real prisoner, baby, & all those bars are the cage keeping her in: the gaol of intoxication! me, i was hellbent on getting to the gym (or really, heavenbent, me & my army, all kinds of heavenbent) so that was the way i was! then i came home & attended to my own intertainment: krull! such a good movie. i was amazed & astonished by the opening sequence, & left a very embarassing voice post about how it was originally going to be the dungeons & dragons movie when it was pitched, & how if it had been the dnd film how the opening sequence with the spacescape 2001-style would have blown everyone's mind.

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