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alright ramblers...

so i put a little bit of thought into the livejournal strike idea. over the whole "no more free accounts" thing. what i guess it boils down to is this: i don't think it is a good idea, but i think it is their mistake to make. i tend to agree with bradfitz saying that making the generation of content harder just makes there be less quality content. bad move. now, i do sort of roll my eyes at the people who refuse to acknowledge the internet needing money, or who try to out-maneuver getting a paid account. me, i like to patronize sites i use heavily, like livejournal. sites i look at, though, i tend to never donate to. i will buy their t-shirts, & i definitely don't begrudge them their advertising (unless it pops out or makes noise). so where am i going with this? well. i am not opposed to the strike, but i do sort of wonder at the reasons one might do it. i think saying you think it is a bad idea, saying it is a bad idea to ignore your advisory board, saying you shouldn't try to sneak policy changes past your users; that is all a good idea. acting as though use of the site is something you are entitled to is not a good idea, though. which reminds me, total non-sequitor, but dear self: remember to figure out how to back this thing up! anyhow, as users, especially as free users, you ain't entitled to nuthin'. whiners. but as a paid user,

i want to weigh in & say: stop making poor decision, guys who own livejournal. don't regress to obsolete business models. allowing free content generation is a good idea. but trying to make money is your thing, & i understand that. go for it. hey, you are even continuing to allow free accounts, just requiring advertising. sure! me, i like incentives for "upgrading" to plus. i don't think those incentives were well known enough, though. hey, now i'm just shooting the breeze. my point is really this: i disagree with what happened, & i think you should know that. you have every right to do that, i just think that it is a bad move, & i say that as a long time paid user who isn't threatening to drop your service or any such scorched earth tactics.
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