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the grocers, part two.

so i asked where the coffee filters were: aisle twelve! they were with the paper products after all, i had just overlooked them since there were only two boxes of them. still, a win for the team. actually purchasing them was a chore in & of itself: you see, the rite aide is a hell of its own, with both staff & customers who themselves were drummed out of dante's school for gentleman devils. or from willy wonka's oompa loompa orientation program. they are very tiny, & suck-- both customer & cashier alike, mind you. they cut in line & they argue over prices, in this sad, childish way. one of those situations where if they'd look at the price tag, they'd know it was $19.99 but they won't, they just want to argue about it instead. while in line. fuck you! in the end, though, i worked it out, & escaped, & got a philly cheesesteak to celebrate. sometimes i don't make the best life decisions. i need to improve on that.

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