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two decks of cards i want.

harrow deck by kyle hunter.

i really like paizo's products. i've talked about this before, when i read the pathfinder books, & the downer comic. they have a solid understanding of the product, good ideas that are new without needing to be over the top, the understand the value of a good tweak, all around, they impress me. i also really like kyle hunter; his take on dnd icons & his style of art is interesting & basically singular within the genre. i like the fellah! so when i heard he was doing a tarot deckish thing, i was pretty excited. the premise is to take the alignment axis, & the "near-misses" like they have on the great wheel, & then blur them till they are meaningless. which is exactly the way i like inspiration to go. so, & i'm totally extrapolating from things i've heard about this, but it will be like "the crow lord" will be the card, & he'll be a bird-man holding a rod & a sprig of mistletoe; wearing a crown of beetles, with ferrets frolicing at his feet. he'll be like, chaotic good. what! awesome. it is a shame that i can't find it in the vendor stock; maybe diamond isn't carrying it? anyhow, i want it.

vertigo tarot by dave mckean & rachel pollack.

okay, i've wanted this ever since high school, so i guess now that it is being reissued, those old greeds have just resurfaced. i like vertigo comics-- heck, they are responsible for getting me into comics, since i didn't have the comic book childhood. i like dave mckean, & his sandman era collage style. i like making john constantine the fool, & golden age sandman justice. there is a certain cleverness too it, & a sort of pretention that reminds me a lot of the times. that sort of "yes, i know the incarnation of dreams & stories is a bit of a high concept cheesefest, but it is a hell of a story anyhow & i don't mind" devil may care attitude. again, this is another one that doesn't have an entry in the vendor stock-- what the hell, man? guys, i wish it was easier to get your products! not just for my discount, but because maybe i'd want to sell it, too. shame on old fashions failure bussiness models!
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