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my brains were cooking over-time last night! i thought that was pretty funny, given the state of inebriation; like, i had one of those weird pretend epiphanies that chemical remediation is supposed to give you, if you listen to lunatics. just a couple of ends connection, noodles tangling; still, it got me up out of bed to write some of them down. mostly a totally new facet, or multiple facets. something i do: when working on my world, if i'm running a game in one spot, my brain naturally slips out of the net to start filling in margins in the part of the world farthest from it. some straws that i'd been grasping at i managed to spin into gold, & i'm kind of excited about it. some of it is as simple as just thinking of artistic motiffs-- these guys look like kirby, these guys look incan; other parts were a little more spun up & interesting. tweaks & invention.
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