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tired & dream-state. calgon, take me away! game last night was fun, very traditional dungeon crawl, finger on the nose allusion to former days of glory. the red herring league! & when those pills had run their course, i was somehow tricked (tricked!) into going over to carla's. not tricked, not really, though who can say how not-- i just wanted to play with jenny, & in the immortal words of mister punch, thats the way to do it! so yes, trucked & trundled up to manhattan, thanks for nothing to windsor terrace for being un-hooked from continuity-- i had to go back home to even edge up to depart. cocktails (am i the only one drinking?) & rock band till eventually trickled home; something like three in the morning? ain't what she used to be. all i wanted was, moses-like, to split the rock into a fountain! not to be. i'm haunting the ole homestead currently, as the super fixes our pipes. hey, where is that guy anyhow? & didn't i tell him to come on tuesday? no point in griping! if he's here now, he's here now.

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