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today's game doesn't start till later.

big ups to lazy weekends; spent a lot of yesterday in a bit of a cold medicine coma; i've been sort of coughing & sneezing for the past week, nothing too major, but that lack of bite has sort of opened the door to treating yours truly like a punching back. best to give the old t-cells a chance to strike back. so yeah, i sort of worked on some things, did some chores, but i took a nap, too. a nap! i am not often renown for my naps. i remember i took a nap once during a thunderstorm back when i lived in leebrick, but i don't know that i've taken one otherwise. even in kindergarten i was constantly getting busted during naptime. speaking of! my kindergarten teacher...maccloud? she was a real mean lady! if she "caught" you moving at all during naptime, she'd "tap you with her magic wand" (read: hit you with a stick) & you wouldn't be aloud to get up till she said so. basically at her tyrannical whim. i'd spend the rest of the day stuck under a blanket in a kind of time out. seriously, that lady was a jerk, but not as much of a mess as my third grade teacher, mrs. emerson. for one thing, she actually divided the class into smart/average/stupid, & put your humble narrator into the stupid group (i think because of being hyperactive & not being good enough at cursive to graduate to a pen). also, she kept me out of the gifted program (behavioral problems! nice, right? because it couldn't be that i don't pay attention to your rote nonsense because it is boring easy!) & also from skipping a grade. she was a real pain in the ass, let me tell you what. these are two teachers who particularly sucked. on the plus side, maybe they are dead of old age! oh, & for the record, my cursive sucks & looks like a girl's penmanship.

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