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deli review: the deli across the street.

i'm going to give this deli low marks. usually i steer clear, but lately i've had a laziness (coupled with a sickness) & a jones for it. bad ideas all around. see, their bagels have a particular doughy quality that is unique to the joint-- same goes for their pastries. they are a, which makes them distinctive enough to occasionally crave. do not be fooled! my initial disenchantment with the place started long enough a go, but has only gotten sillier & sillier-- the raising of the price of coffee. now, these days i pretty much drink only what is in the store (jenny gave peter a french press for m-mas) but still, it rubs raw. apart from that, their sandwiches are both overpriced & bland. i just got eggs & turkey (not egg whites, because this deli says it is an extra fifty cents) & they only gave me one slice of turkey. how silly is that? & they charged me an arm & a leg. i mostly went for the orange juice, but still. i recommend that anyone looking for an alternative try the place around the corner. for cheaper than the deli across the street they'll give you a hero, not a roll, a hero with eggs (whites not extra) & plenty of turkey, & the coffee there only costs a buck.

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