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viggo the destroyer!

fullmetal alchemist volume 16 hiromu arakawa.

so what exactly should i say about these things anymore? i like them! i would like to own them if they are ever collected into some kind of mega-volume. i like stories about alchemy, & about fascist states, & that sort of thing. plus, steam-punk or clock-punk cyberware. sorry! i was distracted watching a naked viggo mortensen fight some chechneyans, or whatever is going on in this movie. remember those parts in the dark tower books where roland keeps talking about eddie fighting naked? anyhow, the alchemist books are good; i am sad i don't know what is up with sloth yet! taunted, teased! the shortness of manga novels is kind of a bummer, though; sort of a problem with a lot of the graphic medium though.
Tags: books, comics, fullmetal alchemist

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