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i'm listening to the dnd podcasts talking about horror, & it isn't terribly stupid. how pleasant is that! i am attempting that today: dnd podcasts, while i work. last night's television was good! so that is something. i sure liked to cuddle with jenny; she was so fuzzy. i'm not entirely sure what i want to write about now. i have been combing my brain for some stuff to propose to white wolf; i wrote to get their writer's packet info & i figure i'll toss something at them to see how they like it. i've got an idea or two. so i'll pour some blood into that clay pot come saturday. oh, now these guys on the podcast are going to talk about the new ravenloft which i actually hated playing in. i wonder what they have to say? okay, nothing interesting-- i switched to the podcast about the nine hells. not that they exist anymore. by the way, i'll probably write a post talking about why dnd's new website model (with dragon & dungeon being pay-for-access) is dumb. because yeah, it is. okay, i'm really just babbling here.
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