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you see stars & i see blurs (lag)

here are a couple of quick complaints. one, i don't feel so hot! i'm sniffling & a tiny bit miserable. oh treasonous flesh! two, i get that you were trying to be nice, lady at the chinese food restaurant, but drowning all my food in swedish meatball sauce isn't the greatest. it is kind of pretty gross, actually. those are mostly it. what am i going to do about it? well, in regards to the latter, i'll pretty much shut up & take it. what else is there to do? for the former, i have been brewing tea, & maybe i'll kick up the temperature a few degrees. over-all, my plan is to keep running king kong in my mind but replacing king kong with the incredible hulk. & maybe skull island is in outerspace. i like where this is going. you know, yesterday i played movies on the youtube to keep myself occupied while i did data entry. maybe i'll spin that wheel again.
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