mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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things have been jellybeans lately. when i say jellybeans, i mean a distorted, child-like memory of soft pills with good juices, sucked down & lightening muscles, eking every bit of cherry from the hardwood. jenny got herself a couple of hundred dollars worth of hair-cut, free, & she looks every bit a darling. we went out for drinks with the the swan of the south, & then retired home to eat poppies. sort of the same yesterday, a slush of red wine & buoyancy (swish it around like mouthwash). in between, a few things get done here & there. picking flowers from a black star-field. tonight the continuance of the turgid time & haze: pajama party & more wine than you can possibly imagine. sort of happy in the kidnapper's pillow-case, content in stockholm syndrome.

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