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"it is my strong suspicion that there are no more men on this world-- only animals"

some tumblers have been falling into place, thanks to the old mental safecracker. the significance of megaliths & petroglyphs. the origins of monsters. the seven forbidden knowledges of the dragons, known to the venal as sins. what to do about iron fire. what to do with lightning guns. other worlds, other places. the titanomachy & the thanatomachy. the host & the wurms in the long dark. but i'm not getting any further in my internal search for perfect wedding vows. it is starting to press on my brow! not in the pleasant crown way. on the plus side soon i will change my name & i told some soldiers they were going to be invited. since the "save the date" cards aren't going to happen, i'll share the little picture i drew for them.

Tags: mspaint, wedding

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