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last night jenny, carla, kira, & i went to the montauk club to see if it is really the place we are going to book for the wedding. it was raining like a motherfucker, but jenny & i walked over there like troopers none the less, picking up kira at her spot & running into carla's cab outside. the inside of the joint was very nice, all dark hardwoods & decaying gilt-- oh la! the manager of the place made me want a sports coat, & we went upstairs to dine. more very prettiness, & the gentleman in charge of food was quite nice. we were, theoretically, only going to be allowed to eat "for two," since as guests of the montauk club we aren't allowed to pay for anything, but the aforementioned gentleman kept sending out plates. i had mused aloud in regards to the pig's feet, & voila, there they were in front of me! to be honest, of the appetizers, as excellent as the parmesan custard was, & the beets, they were okay? the real champion was the beef tendon & sweetbreads, if you can believe it. or at least, kira & i thought so: it was a huge, heaping plate of tendon & mint (& sweetbreads) but we managed to scarf down most of it. dinner was three dishes: duck, bass, & lamb. the duck was surprisingly good (i'm not the biggest duck guy) & the lamb was alright, but the bass was where it was at, if you ask me. there was some talk of logistics afterwards, & oh: cherry ice cream, doughnut holes, & rice pudding. the long & the short of it is that it looks like we're set on it. the date is reserved, but once we hammer out the details, we've got our venue. which entails also us becoming members, for at least three months but probably more like at least a year. i can't wait to have a dungeons & dragons game in one of the spaces. afterwards, splashing in the freezing puddles, i was all a-babble & excited.
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