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dink dink!

oh gingerboy, you with your bucket of bolts! casting the screws & washers on the floor: read them bones, robot! oh gingerboy, you are no match for dread hansel, but you'll do for a nice bit of voodoo you do. hansel will rescue is damsel, i think he will, i've got a vibe & a yearning. a stone & some soup, a hole in the bucket. today i'm either obsessed with you or i hate you. which category do you think you fall into? oh keep in mind; i will hit you in the head with a ball-peen hammer while you are on the toilet. dillinger!

Poll #1150503 march madness!


is obsessed with me today!
loathes me today!

people in the know will know! anyhow, today has been alright; busy enough (busty enough! i almost said that! march eighth is the day for breasts! remember that!) to keep the clock ticking by at an almost bearable pace. keeps interrupting my otherwork though. oh & i had this idea. this great idea. i think that the rorsharch or question style half-super-half-noir hero of my devising would duct-tape the cuffs of his pants. you don't want to trip or get them caught in a bike chain, guys. it is a mess when that happens. beware the geisel, beware spurs. the controllers are coming to get you, the tamers are coming to handle you. dun dun dun i am hiding in your bathroom while you take a shower & i will strike while you have shampoo in your eyes!
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