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the pillowkiller.

a brief exploration of brooklyn on my way out: instead of the usual bus route to the train, i bail out of the vehicle with tracey & go her way. are you gonna go my way! woah! she & sam have to go to the veterinarian in my neighborhood: sam cut a bad cut on his leg & he's off the grid, so they can't hit up the hospital. anyhow, i figure i'll catch a ride with them, & i do: they pinch the landlord's jeep & vroom vroom. hey, on the way i figure out a little better in my head where they live; not far from the old apartment, just down the circle & across from the gas station where i used to pick up forties. i don't have a brain that parses location that well; like a japanese map, it is more a line of routes then a map. anyhow, so the pieces jigsaw together a little bit, sliding a bit more into place. home is a fine joint, but jenny's humpty-dumpty on the wall, so we bail on the gym & she spends the night sort of creepy on the internet. good for you, sweetheart! here i am now: i wonder if i'll be the only one at the store today! i sure would prefer otherwise, on the basis of boredom & also needing to leave sort of at sixish to get the montauk club stuff all in a row.
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