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beware my power!

sinestro corps war geoff johns, dave gibbons, ethan van sciver.

to be honest, i didn't just read this trade; i read the issues as they came out, but the trade was just released, so i thought i'd take a moment of my morning to talk about it. who could have known that science-fiction comics would be so strong last year? annihilation & planet hulk from marvel & this offering from dc. the basic foundation of this comic is the green lantern corps-- you know, the guy with the magic ring that can make his willpower & imagination solid? there are like, a hundred thousand of him scattered throughout the universe, each an alien assigned to a sector of space. anyhow, once upon a time, the grand wizard of comics (note: not affiliated with the ku klux klan) alan moore wrote a short story involving a diabolical prophecy...& geoff johns decided "hey, lets make that prophecy come true." it is a lot of fun. the sinestro corps is sort of the "evil" green lanterns, & well...if you know the continuity of the comics, it is extra cute (green lanterns have...problems with the colour yellow, sinestro is a fallen lantern who got a special yellow ring made, their gaurdian is the anti-moniter, etc). anyhow, this is a fun romp with a perfect sense of scale; events are neither too small & insignificant, nor are they the kind that scream "this will be retconned in a year!" nor are they "omg, THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!" exageration.
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