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he's the best fighter in the province!

scott pilgrim volumes 2-4, by bryan lee o'malley.

i was very brief with my review of the first of these & i can't see how i wouldn't be again. scott pilgrim comics...are totally awesome. i laugh out loud reading them. i kind of want to spill the beans on the premise, but then on the other hand, i kind of want to keep the cards close to my chest. let me just say this, then: these are the direct inheritor of archie comics, & at the same time the prized disciple of street fighter. if you like spider-man hearts mary jane or if you like immortal iron fist you would like this. you know what else it reminds me of? gilmore girls; not in tone so much as in how the references are always pouring on, but the text doesn't act like it needs to pause & explain those references. why insult you, dear reader? these comics blaze a trail in the sky, & all along i chuckle out loud. seriously sweet stories. plus, these stories have all happened to you. a fundamental grasp of, not just relationships but more importantly the almost relationships, & the umfriends, & the not-boyfriends. oh, & while we're on the subject of sexuality in comics, the gay characters are all dealt with both reasonably & plausibly. score!
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