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crowley was right!

from now on i just want to start every day with a picture of the childlike empress crying. i want to end every day with a picture of the childlike empress crying. it is my one true desire. i want to replace punctuation & instead of commas or periods i want there to be a crying moonchild. oh, & speaking of crying childlike empress punctuation; we were trying to come up with the name for the dot above the i. you know, the difference between "i" & "ı". i invented the name as being "ibble," but in fact the name is tittle. how close was i? close enough to make moonchild cry? seriously, nice going brain, for either having that packet of info tucked away or for plucking it from the zeitgeist. good on you, hivemind control! oh, speaking of sobbing childlike empresses. the actress who played her has a dance studio here in gotham, so i totally am going to find her & maybe we'll be the best of friends. maybe she will cry for me? oh, say it is going to be so, emperor norton! really you want to know the point of this post? it is that i think this post is the greatest livejournal post of all time, & i am considering backdating it so that the "say my name" pleading childlike empress is always the top post on my diary. i think it is the top post on my life, after all. fuck clapping for tinkerbell...say her name, bastian!
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