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buffy fancies vampires, ladies.

i wonder if there will be very much hubub about buffy shacking up with another slayer (one of the "slayerettes" if you abide that term-- i'll use it, why not? they are diminutive, compared with the eponymous vampire slayer) in issue twelve. perez hilton of all people had a pretty reasonable response to it, & joss whedon's handling of it is interesting. maybe i'm just coming late to the party, maybe everyone else already heard about it, but studiously avoiding spoilers me, the first it popped across my radar was when i read the issue yesterday. whedon is saying all the right things-- she's experimenting, she's young & open-minded, so forth. i just can't quite swallow it. since when did buffy (as opposed to buffy, the character) become open & affirming in regards to sex? i suppose the reasonable reply is that whedon had his way with the "sex turns you evil!" trope, working it to death in the first few seasons of the television show. & sure, that would be a fine answer. of course, marti noxon's segment of the show had some silly soap opera overtones towards sex. & then there is the fact that goddard, not whedon, wrote the issue. so. i don't really have a thesis statement. but it is an interesting development. the comics have no compunctions about keeping the characters sancrosant. good for them. um. the end. i like the whedon is aware of the storm in a tea cup that can develop by killing off lesbian lovers (or a character who belongs to a usually marginalized group). i don't mean to say that scrutiny of such deaths are undeserved (women in fridges, much?) but i do think that calling "WIR!" any time a female character has anything bad happen to her is the wrong solution. i'm just talking, talking. thinking.
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