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i've been looking for this guy!

barlowe's guide to extraterrestrials by barlowe, summers, & meacham.

i have been looking for this for a little while: man-brian (as he was dubbed by leigh & jenny) had a copy & i'd always admired it, but didn't know just what it was to order it. the other week i dug around & found it, so i ended up getting it used & cheap from the internet. anyhow, i like it! the guy draws pictures of the aliens found in science-fiction, from stuff i've never even heard of to staples like dune. my favorite is the mesklinite! but i sure like a lot of the other guys, & their clothes, & the one guy with eyelid tattoos! this is the sort of illustrated guide that i've been sort of getting into. i wonder what the more precise genre is? i guess just bestiaries of the fantastic. that. i like that.
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