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save or die.

i wanted to hold off on talking about gary gygax dying for a number of reasons, but probably foremost among them so that i could judge the tributes & order of the stick did it best. as for me, here is it: i don't care! but in the best way. see, gygax succeeded at a memetic model only starting to be embraced by the rest of the world, by the fringers on the internet & in creative commons. see, gary gygax planted a seed. having done that, poof! the idea did the rest. he said "what if we, you know, turned this war gaming thing into lets pretend?" & then things permutated on their own. & look at it. the codification of storytelling is the most exploded & exciting of all forms of literature, if you ask me. the breakdown of narrative into "here are some rules for the narrative" is really the most interesting type of post-fiction. & he was an integral part of that watershed. you can see his goofy legacy all over it. like-- weird dice? weird dice! gary gygax just had an interesting educational catalogue on his mind when he was cooking things up & now d4s, d8s, d12s, d20s are all part of the lexicon. so the moral of the story is: good for you. you worked just like your magic system: fire & forget. you died & it doesn't matter because your idea was a kernel, was a virus that will mutate & change & grow. nicely done, zagyg. you crazy old wizard.
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