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we have always lived in the castle by shirley jackson.

it wasn't what i was expecting, but i liked it. i guess i was expecting something a little more ghostly & ghoulish, which i confess to be a new sweet-tooth i'm developing. sometimes it is nice to have a pleasant surprise though. i skipped the forward, because jenny warned me it had spoilers (what the hell, man?) & because i've mostly given up on lethem (you got enough tries! now, boo!). the first act made me desperately want to beat up fat faced, mush-mouth everymen. man, i sure hate the townsfolk! i do. alienation & elitism. merricat is adorable & a wizard: good for her. the middle act made me uncomfortable, because familial tension & suspense are gross. it comes across very well (is that was families are like? so happy to forget!) & so it shouldn't be counted as a weakness. the last act is very nice. i very much enjoy winning, & comfort with unique situations, & i always appreciate witches.
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