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distraction operation.

so once upon a time i cooked up a nice little idea, that i've subsequently shopped out to mike. i'm thinking of the evolution of the game, you know? since there currently is that dichotomy. his game, more "traditional" dnd mixed with elements of high-fantasy & planescape, & my game, veering into the much more minimal, much moor spooks & fairytales aspects of the game. anyhow, with him leaving, it changes the dialogue. it makes me consider high fantasy elements. oh, back to what i was saying. once upon a time i cooked up a simple idea: what if the nobles were all aasimar? what if the aristocracy was actually better, was actually a class of super-people. suddenly things like "don't marry a commoner" & the like start to make a lot more sense in the world. suddenly the kneejerk anachronism of players who want to protest the just & noble rule of the king in favor of democracy is modified. now, mike pulled the planescape factions angle in, which is awesome & all him, but his aristocracy is much more inherently flawed than i was rooting for. you know? he went for the "so they have potential...but..." which is a totally valid story, but not the one i had in mind. but i DO like how they played out in terms of the dustmen (de sim) of bleakers (blecker) having little vestigial batwings, or the mercykillers (mercer) being all flaming sword & the sensates (st. sayn) being all faerie. cute. wait. what am i getting at.

so my conundrum is: i sometimes want to port it over to my game. i sometimes want to have an either established or emerging magical aristocracy. which is an okay idea on its own, except for this: i run a fairly low-magic game. i run a genuinely low-magic game, but with high fabulism. that is, you can't go to the magic shop, but you could get kidnapped by faeries. you can't get the guy at church to magically heal you but praying might help you. there are living gods in the country over there, but then, isn't that sort of what the dali lama is? that sort of thing. anyhow, i don't know. another issue is that i won't make them white. having the ultima-thule super-nazi noble lords isn't going down on my watch. i don't know, i might just need to dilute the colour sworl of my game in some way. i have tried to mix & match the races across the range of human variation. see, which makes sense & is fun & fine. these people have this colour skin & these facial features. you know? but for the magical nobles, i have all kinds of different ideas! like, what if they were quasi-metallic? copper skin with verdigris hair. gold-dust skin with darker hued golden hair. but see-- that is pretty high fantasy, rather than just high-fabulist. that might burst a bubble of disbelief. concerns. maybe the answer is to look at caste systems before feudalism. maybe.

really i'm just soaking up imagination to distract myself. jenny is falling into a funk, & my job is to keep her from wallowing in it. mostly by not drinking, & going to the gym more. which is fine & reasonable, & totally i can do that. i need to figure out how to convince her to do it, but whatever. just for some reason it is making me feel anxious. probably too much melodramatic television giving my abandonment complex a long enough leash to fuck with me. i'll keep it in check, i'm just not looking foward to this fluttering bat-wing heart of mine. stay in your gilded cage & be happy!
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