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what do you want from me?

yesterday-- a weird pile of noodles, that was. the day itself was founded on a bedrock of fussy jenny- "everytime you talk to me i just get so angry..." she said, & i said "well, i'm off to the gym!" & snuck out through the fire escape. the trap door technique! that bouncing ball was still bone coloured when i got home, but i made her a sandwich (thinking that, like all emotions, it is just a variety of hungry or scared, right?) & then left for mike's game. oh bitter-sweet game: my dungeonmaster & venue provider will soon be heading for a city less fair than babylon, & then we'll have to sort things out again. & his character in my game is a barrel of monkey's as well. thrice-drat. on the plus side, i think that some of my fellow players are slowly starting to "get" the spenta mainyu. at this point, he & those within his presence are immune to spells bellow fourth level, so when the fireball exploded into...flower petals, tom said "what, are we adventuring with the buddha?" well...yes. kind of you are. it helps to never tell people the mechanical underpinnings: i still regret (as i was saying earlier) telling my players in the last game that when the found the eleven year old boy cassius stewart & they saw his facade slip? showing them he had a toothy vertical slit for a face, lined with black crayfish eyes & a hundred tongues to take the place of eyelids, forever moistening those eyes? man, they sure hated that; they beat him unconscious. i regret that a year later, drunkenly reminiscing, i told them he had just cast cause fear on them. their genuine fear was immediately replaced with the typical blase attitude of so many adventurers. so! today was a day where magic was a little more genuine: the spenta mainyu & the overman were both popping in & out of sight, & the spenta mainyu tended his garden, planting seeds of greatness in everyone. & we killed an evil tree, & some xorns, & a sludge monster, & a vampire. actually, we staked the vampire before it even got out of the coffin or talked to us. mike was a little crest-fallen but we mentioned how we had played in ravenloft...anyhow, when i got home from that, jenny was in a significantly better mood (thanks, bottle of champagne!) & we watched that's amore!.
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