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fact: the proof is in the pudding!

doom patrol: musclebound by grant morrison, & lots of artists.

with great relish i set about drinking the last dregs of wine in the bottle & doing the same to the words & pictures provided by this doom patrol rag. it turns out that grant morrison might just be great! i'm sure you already knew that. i knew it. i enjoy the disassembly of the super-hero comic, especially when done with the pleasure of craft mr. morrison evidently possesses. he breaks comics not because he hates them, but because he loves them. the surreal adventures recounted herein are based in equal parts wizardry & madcap antics; an excellent pairing that all true connoisseurs enjoy. it might have been too soon for the brotherhood of dada to return, but for all of that, hurrah. doom patrol stays on this side of flaming carrot turf, & ends up the better for it. they fight the bad guys too weird for superman to tackle. good for them. i think they should fight the joker, how about you?
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