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i got up after jenny left, & so have already been (relatively) productive today. we went to bed pretty early on account of jenny not feeling so aces, so the kid was fresh faced! i sent out some resumes (one i even referenced my experience with ravenface's plays as applicable!) & then swan & i grabbed some unshowered brunch at perch. where we mostly talked about characters out of time, & the role of the final girl in horror film. being obsessed with your dissertation & being obsessed with your game aren't that different. so that has been today: the rest of it is uncertain except there will be laundry, & the gym. what will transpire come evening? who can say? the future is a riddle. only through the mastery of the anti-life equation can we know! i will try to make myself useful inbetween there & then.

oh, speaking of game, toughlad pointed out the leaked dnd 4e character sheets.
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