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batman versus hitler.

midnighter: killing machine by garth ennis, karl story, & chris sprouse.

this was a bit of a fun romp. oh garth ennis! i can't quite put my finger on you. you know, i was thinking about you (& gender. since, you know. comics. feminism. hand. in hand.) the other day, especially in regards to the mini-uproar about the "girl punisher." you know, how she was un-womaned with her breasts being cut off & everything. you know what it made me think? that maybe a big problem in the feminist comic book community is the conflation of "critical" with "negative." a critical reading doesn't mean you end with pointing fingers. i think that a lot of the points made about boobless punisher-girl are interesting & valid, but the fact that literature has a subtext isn't supposed to be a BAD thing! i mean, you might have issues or whatever, but that is part of what makes an author interesting.

this comic book doesn't really have any issues. time traveling midnighter (basically like "what if batman was killing all the bad guys. 'bad guys' including, like, dictators too") is sent to go murder hitler, & instead ends up kicking the crap out of everybody else. it was fun. it had some nicely overt "i am not a bigot!" moments that i thought served the story & served his reputation pretty well. when the well characterized female main character (from the future) tells the gay male protagonist that she doesn't know what "gay" & "straight" mean, for instance. it was done with the right amount of fun. so there you have that. oh, the b-story in the back though. what? a little indulgent.
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