mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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getting her period means that the slight "we know we aren't, but aren't we?" scare is officially over. i mean, the pregnancy test pretty much killed it, but you know this old warlock only swears by the blood! the blood! still, that is a nice friendly reminder to get my act together. come on, gotham, i need you to unfurl your blossom & hand me a nice little publishing career. you ought to be able to do that for your favorite adopted son, shouldn't you? i walk the circuits & mantras of your streets & bury secrets in your parks, snake about in your iron guts. ain't we mates? this adult life trick is a bit of a rum tucker. you know i'll do it, though: i am already hidden among the gorillas. all this anthropological perspective. i'll click my heels together three time, you bet i will.
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