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spook the kids!

the last apprentice: night of the soulstealer by joseph delaney.

what is with people & their weird issues with women? i've gone back & forth with this series, & i think i'm pretty much bent towards "misogynist undertones" on this series, though it rallies back & forth at points. really though, lets just look at the count. of the female characters we've had: witch, witch, witch, witch. mysterious mother (possibly witch). martyr mother. witch. adultress (to be fair, paired with the a main character male adulterer). & the anonymous women who go to the necromancer's seance (it is noted that the crowd is mostly women). so...the math there ain't too good, especially when we compare it to the men-- if you wanted to make the argument that the witches are balanced by the spooks (well, you'd be out on account of how the spooks are good guys...) you'd have to contend to the brothers, townsfolk, & such that round out the minor characters. oh, & lets look at the villians. first book: all women (witches). second book not so much-- the bane, a male (demon) & the inquisitor, a male. okay, back on track! & in this one-- sure, morgan & golgoth (demon-god) are both male, but all the genuine scary parts are with meg & marcia (witches). i mean, it isn't damning but it is enough to make me go back & forth.

how do i like the series? well enough. there isn't a lot of variety in the books; i guess when you are trying to appeal to younger readers, the confort of an ongoing series helps with sales? i'd like a little less of an even tone. & okay, tom is only thirteen, but can he & alice kiss or something? i find their interaction a little hollow, though i do like the interaction of tom & the spook. the spook is a much more falliable & interesting character than a lot of adults, while still allowing tom to be the star of the book. anyhow, i felt like i might be done with the series in the middle, but the end of the book had enough of a hook to make me curious about the next one. so we'll see.

i feel like i haven't been reading much! but maybe i haven't been. part of it is maia, which i've been reading on the train. i felt like it is rough going, but that isn't the case: it is just super long. so i have started punctuating it with some other stuff, which should make it easier going.
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