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& i am an anti-christ!

last night we went over to play "rockband" with carla & robert. along the way, i made caroline & marie become friends, because i am a matchmaker. because i am on a POWER TRIP. anyhow, i bailed out (almost missing the stop, but a dude stuck his arm in the door for me-- well done oh faithful serf!) & first we ate some roast, & then we got to the splish-splash, singing in the rain. here is a fun fact! i can't sing worth a lick, but when i would do vocals, robert kept setting it to medium! that isn't any fun! it just ends up with me sliding my voice up & down in tone jarringly, trying to keep on the notes of the music. BUT I CAN'T HIT NOTES. the guitar on easy i got okay with; i wanted to try bass on medium, but by that time, i was done! midnight, & i turned into a pumpkin. then on the train ride home, jenny challenged my subway lore & LOST. now i'm awake & prepping to work. one of the store's little elves is sick, so it'll probably be just me for the first few hours.

my teeth look horrifying here, don't they? all blur, baby!

i demanded carla put "product" in my hair, since my rockband avatar had a pompadour.
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