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i think for the first time ever, i don't have any unread messages in my mailbox! & for tonight's gravy, my desktop isn't cluttered, either. how about that, computer-life? we're well integrated! anyhow, last night, since we're keeping track, i got a burrito & i had them put yogurt on it instead of cheese. the verdict on that is: too wet. it was more like burrito soup than anything else. oh, & at the gym, i used the sauna, which i only ever did once before, with christopher, when he visited. the controls for the sauna are fucked; the timer, the temperature knob. i don't think i'll fuck around with it again until it is fixed. later, jenny & i actually shared a bottle of wine. we went, like three whole days without drinking. crazy. i felt like i was turning into a pilgrim. then we watched tina fey on saturday night live. which was a little bit amazing. i forget why. but that show is getting weirder & weirder & maybe you should start watching it again. if you are at home on a saturday night instead of in philadelphia. today is my game: wish me luck.

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